About Us

The G&R team

About Our Team

G&R was established in 2016 to give our customers what the industry has been lacking - respect and consideration. We’ve successfully completed over 100 projects, starting small with painting and bathroom remodeling before working our way up to complete institutional renovations. Our contractors lead full-service construction projects, tackling all the issues our customers face. We are dedicated to keeping every promise we make and exceeding expectations.

About René

A Honduran native, René studied Business Administration for four years at the National Autonomous University of Honduras before emigrating to the United States in 1996. He then began his construction career in Long Island, New York, and fell in love with the work. René has been determined to change the landscape of the construction industry by founding his own company - one that prioritizes the respect for and consideration of the customer. Each project René takes on is coined his “new favorite,” no matter how challenging. Above all else, René gets the most satisfaction from the smile on customers’ faces after they see the life-changing work G&R Contractors have completed.

 René Romero, Founder and Owner of G&R Contractors